Monday, January 19, 2009

The Beginning.. Or Something Like It

Remember those books you used to read when you were younger where you would be given a choice at the end of every chapter.. OPTION 1: follow your friends into the dark forest or OPTION 2: turn around and call your Mom to come pick you up. You always chose option one, or else what is the point in reading the book at all?
The same goes for every day of your life. You might know you are making a choice that will lead to situations most sane people would choose to avoid but you do it anyway. If only to add a little excitement to an otherwise boring existence.
The only difference between those Choose Your Own Adventure books and real life is you can't go back and change things. You can't flip back a few pages and decide to eat the green ice cream instead of the blue ice cream because, whoops, turns out the blue stuff is poisonous.
So what's the harm in looking for a little help along the way? Maybe a psychic reading or two. An astrology chart or a numerological interpretation of your birthday and full name. As long as you take it for what it is.. one possibility carefully selected (according to the way the planets were aligned when you were born of course) out of thousands of possibilities.
I can't guarantee 100% accuracy, but who can? And who wants to know their future without a doubt anyway? The point is, there is always a choice.
I'll be talking about things that reveal not only aspects of your own personality, but ways to become aware of the most important thing there is, your own future. You decide how much or how little you rely on these things, just like you decided when you were a kid if you wanted to follow the path or take the creepy, yet shorter detour.
You'll get through it, but what will you see along the way?

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  1. Looking forward to reading your blog, Courtney! As you know, I'm really interested in psychic/astrological stuff, as well, so I'm excited to see the different things you'll be posting about. :)