Friday, March 13, 2009

Numerology: Your Name

Since I have pretty much said all there is to say about astrology by now, I thought I'd move on to my second favourite way to find out secrets about your own personality, and better yet, everyone you know.

Numerology can be done using your full birth name or your birthday, but in this post I'll be focusing on the name. Each letter is associated with a number so all you have to do to is add all the numbers together for your first, middle and last name and then reduce that to a single digit. The chart below show which letters are associated with what number.

I'll use James Dean as an example to demonstrate how adding and reducing the numbers works. The exact name on his birth certificate (which is what you should use if you want the most accuracy) is James Byron Dean.

There are three different numbers you can get from your name. The first is called the Destiny or Expression number and it is the sum of all the letters of your name. James adds up to 3, Byron to 11 and Dean to 6. The 11 is not reduced because it is a Master number. All of these added and reduced ends up being 2. Check out this website to read about your Destiny number.

The next number, the Soul Urge Number is just the vowels. James Byron Dean adds up to 5. The Y in Byron is considered a vowel in this case because there is no other vowel in that syllable of his name so the Y acts as a vowel. Look here for an explanation of your Soul Urge Number.

Finally, the consonants represent your Inner Dreams. Dean's adds up to 4. Here is a list of the Inner Dream numbers.

Numerology can be a little confusing at first but it's pretty easy to figure out if you have the chart. There are tons of websites you can look at that explain it better than I can, as well as books. It is kinda of similar to astrology in the fact that there are a lot of different levels and ways to look at it.

In my next post I'll explain how to use Numerology for your birthday. See you next time!

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